Alan Christie

Development Discovery

Involved in property development since the early 1990’s, Alan heads up the internal development team. During his time he has created multiple estates that hundreds of families now call home, ranging from small 12 home rural communities all the way up to developments of 75 homes. Having developed across Scotland and England he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the senior team.

He has been involved in every aspect of the development (and economic) lifecycle, including residential, commercial and industrial developments. With further experience managing construction teams and developments for other people he knows how to get the job done.

Alan is speaking alongside his colleague Eduardo Prato

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How to Build a Lasting Business through Property Development

Ever heard the saying “safe as houses”? With Development Discovery you too could build a strong and lasting business, with regular income and lump sums, using our sophisticated and exclusive development model.

Alan is speaking alongside his colleague Eduardo Prato