Surface Medic


Surface Medic is a team of professional repair specialists who can repair almost any internal or external surface…..why replace when you can restore!

Smart Fix Repairs

Surface Medic achieves truly startling results invisibly repairing all kinds of surfaces including damaged brick work and stone, glass, ceramics in bathrooms and kitchens, wood, UPVC, and many other types of surface from floor to ceiling and everything in between. Surface Medic’s brilliant products and techniques literally make damage disappear, usually within a few hours and always cheaper than a replacement. Furthermore the repairs you’ll do are a permanent fix and not a cosmetic touch up, and your customers experience minimal disruption and genuinely appreciate what you do for them!

A Booming Marketplace

Surface Medic is part of the Service Solutions Group who already manage over £50 Million worth of insurance claims each year which means we know this market better than anyone else you are likely to meet. We are experiencing unprecedented demand from insurance companies who prefer to settle insurance claims by repairing rather than replacing damaged areas so as a Surface Medic franchisee you’ll save insurers money at the same time as speeding up the claim process and reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfill. The techniques and materials we use are easily taught and in great demand outside of the insurance industry too, literally every building from the smallest cottage to the largest hotel will be a potential customer of yours. Surface repair was almost unheard of 5 years ago but this unique market sector is now readily accepted by insurers and consumers alike and growing extremely quickly.

A Typical Working Week

Day to day you’ll enjoy working with a variety of different clients, some commercial, some private, and each job will be different to the first which removes the repetitive nature of other repair based businesses. Managing your franchise, like any other well run business will involve dealing professionally with people from all backgrounds and at all levels. Your commitment to exceptional levels of customer service will drive referrals and enhance your local reputation as the “go to” company for surface repairs. Working close to your home base in your own territory you’ll spend a large proportion of your time “admin free” doing various repairs and liaising through the day with Head Office who will help to field your incoming calls and manage your online diary. You could be repairing snagging lists on a building site in the morning and working in someone’s private home in the afternoon.

The Perfect Business Model

The wow factor will become an everyday experience for you, customers are genuinely astonished at what you’ll do for them which means your job satisfaction is very high. You’ll also run an ultra-low overhead business, working from a home base and with no set hours you’ll be able to achieve a good work life balance. In addition to your own local marketing, all of which is low cost or often no cost, all the leads that come through Service Solutions Head Office will be automatically passed on to you. You will also own your own exclusive territory which means you will be very much in charge of your own business working alongside your other franchise colleagues and not in competition with them.

Your Earning Potential

This is no ordinary franchise in income terms either, we have stress tested the business extensively. For example, our pilot franchise operated without any assistance from Head Office and was run truly independently without any insurance work passed on to it. The pilot was also run in one of the least populated regions of the UK, the highlands of Scotland! So we know that regardless of where you live you’ll have a larger customer base and also could have the benefit of an additional income stream through our insurance claims too.

Before the end of your first year you could be earning at least £40,000 and you can realistically aim for a six figure income potential in future years. There is no limit to the number of vehicles or staff you can employ should you want to scale the business up. There are also some lucrative additional services we can offer to specific sectors like Caravans and Motorhomes and these will give you additional bolt on options once your core business is up and running.

Comprehensive Training & Support

Service Solutions Group are a powerful partner in your business with extensive resources and manpower to train you professionally and support your growing business. Surface repairs take on many forms and some modules can be taught within a couple of days where as other modules may take a week. Our training commitment to you provides a flexible format where you can learn each module at your own pace whilst accompanying our pilot franchisees on real life jobs. Bite size training, maybe several days at a time, or even a whole week add up to a month of practical training in the first half year of your new venture.

On an on-going basis Surface Medic’s call centre will handle calls for you which means you don't always have to break off to take calls whilst you are working. Head Office can also promote your business on its website and train you to manage a social media campaign. Head Office also take responsibility for producing compelling marketing literature and of course managing national accounts all of whom are already known to us. Surface Medic has a professional franchise team already in place and will support you in your territory on an ongoing basis.

Your Region Needs You!

Potential customers come in from all parts of the country and via many different insurers and channels, a key reason we launched our own franchise network was to deal with these leads in house rather than through a sub-contractor. Now all that remains is for us to appoint the right calibre of franchisee in each region and if this income potential and style of working appeals to you we’d love to hear from you.

Next Steps

If you are ready to find out more about building a successful business why not come along and meet the team at Surface Medic Head Office, you can have the opportunity to speak to our franchisees and even see repairs for yourself.

To discuss the opportunity or arrange an informal meeting please call Rebecca Diamond - Franchise Recruitment Manager 07590876060

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