The world leader in the growth sector of French Tacos

Founded in France in 2007, O'TACOS has grown to a network of 150 restaurants and aims to reach 250 restaurants by the end of 2018.

O'TACOS currently employs more than 2,500 employees in France and serves more than 20 million meals each year.

A pioneer within the Tacos fast food sector, O'TACOS offers customers something unique: we adapted the traditional Mexican tacos and added our signature cheese sauce with delicious french fries.

O'TACOS continues to offer a genuine alternative to "conventional" fast food thanks to the unique taste our food provides customers.

Many fans have commented on social networking sites that our flavor is unique. O'TACOS has more than 2,100,000 subscribers just on FACEBOOK!

O'Tacos also continues to develop on an international level, where we have restaurants in Belgium, Morocco and the United States (New York).

O'Tacos the new wave of the fast food market wants to settle in United Kingdom and Germany.

Are you an entrepreneur or investor looking for a real business opportunity? If so, then allow us to match your ambitions and join the most dynamic fast food chain in France.
This is a fantastic opportunity for you to develop a "French success story" in a new market. Do not delay, the whole world should benefit from O'Tacos!

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