N-Hance is a revolutionary wood refinishing franchise. Our forte is assisting the homeowner or business with refreshing their timber/lumber accents with wood refinishing that does not disrupt the home/workplace with fumes, dust or inconvenience due to the time it takes to complete the work.

N-Hance's personnel can remove the dirt and build up grime, along with repairing damaged segments, to offer an elegant finish. When finished, you will see the beauty of the enriched wood or color of your choice that will showcase your interior design choices.

N-Hance seeks Master Franchisee's to grow the brand in their markets and sell franchises to grow the brand in their territory.

Before N-Hance entered the market in 2001, home and property owners who wanted an affordable, fast and professional solution to spruce up cabinets and restore wood surfaces to their original luster had to accept time constraints to a contractor's work schedule and once completed returned to dusty homes with noxious odors and a disappointing overall experience. N-Hance removes that scenario with many times offering the work in just 1-2 days of work.

N-Hance has over 500+ franchises in four global markets and seeks to continue their expansion globally.

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