Fun Fest Holiday Club

Choose fun with Fun Fest Holiday Club.

We empower children by giving them a choice about how they spend their holidays. With a menu of fun and exciting activities every morning and afternoon, children can plan their own individual holiday programme.

From Sports Action, Mission Impossible, Great Outdoors and Nerf Challenge to Beauty School, Jewellery Making, Master Chef, Pottery and Circus Skills, there is something to appeal to every child. Our aim is to give children inspirational experiences where they make happy memories and discover lifelong passions.

The child who comes to our Animaltastic session and is spellbound when they hold an Anaconda may want their own snake for Christmas, develop an interest in reptiles and train to become a vet.

Childhood choices and experiences shape lives and at Fun Fest Holiday Club we are in the privileged position of being able to provide both in a fun and secure environment.

As well as having a lot of fun, there are lots of other reasons to consider a Fun Fest Holiday Club franchise:

- The Market:
o Unprecedented demand by parents for holiday childcare
o Insufficient supply of holiday childcare places
o Government support to increase holiday childcare provision
o Growing need for schools to generate their own sources of income

- The Brand:
o Understands its target market of working parents and gives them what they need
o Has its unique selling point of empowering children by giving them a choice
o Has built an excellent reputation for high quality with Ofsted, schools and parents
o Club page on the website
- The Return:
o Earn a fantastic return for operating from only 11 weeks per year.

- The Philosophy:
o Our business will only flourish as a whole if our franchisees are flourishing individually

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