TABlites Electronic Cigarettes

TABlites are a Manchester based electronic cigarette supplier. We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, cartomizers, atomizers and accessories available on the market. Electronic cigarettes are the current `hot product` and have recently received huge coverage in the media.

With a customer base numbering in the tens of thousands already across the UK and Europe, and over two years of experience in the industry, TABlites has become a trusted brand that people come back to time and again.

At TABlites we source the finest products from all over the world, so our customers are guaranteed high-quality, great variety and there`s always something new to try.

From people who are just starting out in the world of electronic cigarettes to seasoned `vapers`, we`ve got something to suit everyone and prices to suit any budget at the cutting-edge of electronic cigarette technology, and since we pride ourselves on our staff training and customer service, we can always help people find what`s best for them.

TABlites can provide you with everything you need to get started in this fast-growing industry. We can provide any promotional materials you may require to suit the needs of your establishment and increase exposure for your business through our busy website.

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